Salvia involucrata “Ripe Raspberry’ is a shrubby perennial reaching up to 1. Features. The idea is to cause enough disturbances to encourage whitefly to move on from your plants. Long stems of velvety purple flowers crown the silvery green foliage over summer through autumn. Spread12". We have imported Nigerian Dwarf genetics from award-winning bucks and does from the USA. Colour Schemes: A 'Silver Baby' has predominently white flowers and as such can be incorporated into any colour scheme. This makes it well suited to growing in cooler areas. Salvias, like many Australian native plants, have evolved to grow in fairly poor soils. Flower Color – Brilliant scarlet red. Sprout & Cut. 88Add to cart. A very colourful plant for the shaded areas. In So Cal, this operation is usually performed in December. Salvia semiatrata ‘Pine Mountain Sage’ is an evergreen salvia that features mauve-lavender flowers with contrasting magenta calyces from summer to autumn. ) Salvia is an annual flower that produces masses of color, making it a perfect landscape plant. To make sure that the Stella de Oro daylilies will bloom continuously, you should see to it that you take care of the blossoms and buds properly by dead heading the spent flowers regularly and cutting the old flower stems off down at the base of the plant this will prevent Stella De Oro from forming seed pods and the energy will go back into the plant Dwarf Nathan is a cultivar of the popular Cavendish banana. 3 m (4. Plant in an open, sunny well-drained position. The first genetic material imported into Australia was by Michael and Ulrike Garwood (First Fleet) who imported embryos and semen in early 2014 and Paul Hamilton (Semtech Animal Buy crepe myrtle Indian summer online Australia from online plants Melbourne. Most dwarf types are varieties of English lavender, all with wonderfully fragrant flowers. Salvia* Sage: The largest genus of plants in the mint family with approximately 700–900 species of shrubs, herbaceous perennials, and annuals. See more ideas about salvia, plants, perennials. 00 Try dwarf agapanthus, mondo grass, liriope or dianella. Stoney Creek Farm strives to breed the highest quality goats, which is why we have brought some of the best Nigerian Dwarf Genetics into Australia. Dwarf daylilies are rare dwarf daylilies measure 12 inches or 30. Therefore smaller compact frangipanis (Dwarfs) are very appealing to the home gardener and ideal for hedging, pot culture and topiary. Common Name. * Salvia Divinorum is the worlds most powerful entheogenic herb, it is not a hallucinogen. Salvia “Waverly” White/purple combo. 99; salvia so cool lilac 140mm $ 15. A fuss-free plant for year-round interest in western gardens. Annual 70cm. It is smaller than many other navel selections but has pink flesh similar to Star Ruby grapefruit. Salvias with red, pink or orange flowers wave a banner that hails hummingbirds from the sky. Dwarf Frangipanis Dwarf and semi–dwarf frangipanis are becoming ever more popular in Australia, especially in urban areas of the country. 3 ft) tall. The small shrubs have a compact rounded growth, and they produce sweetly scented clusters of pink flowers in spring. The Perennial Sages are invaluable for their rich display of spiky flowers in the early summer border. $3. 99; salvia corrugata 140mm $ 15. The leaves are greenish on the upper surface, covered with grey hairs and dotted with glands on the lower surface, strongly aromatic, simple, opposite, obovate (egg-shaped but broader towards the tip) and sometimes toothed. Dwarf WattleBotanic Name : Acacia drummondii ssp candoleana. Height 1. The rue, yarrow and fennel are all flowering to the benefit of beneficial bugs. They are soft but add a formal edge. Salvia ‘Nachtvlinder’. Its dark green leaves are ovate with a pointed tip and entire margins and up to 7cm long. Soil – Humus rich well drained with some moisture. Plant number: 1. House blocks are becoming smaller which means gardens are becoming smaller. Not declared or considered noxious by any state government authorities. PLANTERS PATCH phone : (02) 9653 3933. Ptilotus exaltatus Phoenix. There are annual, perennial and shrub salvia plants, and it can be easy to get confused between all 3. $37. In contrast to the dry-climate varieties these salvias usually slow down during summer, but they grow and flower in autumn, winter and spring. 50 January 2016 GARDENING AUSTRALIA GARDENING AUSTRALIA January 2016 51 camellia Few plants are as useful as salvias, grown for their gorgeous flowers and fragrant leaves. It has a dense growth habit, glossy leaves with a rusty reverse, and creamy white, perfumed flowers in spring and summer. Attract these beneficial insects to your garden by planting companion plants like marigolds and alyssum near your precious vegie crops. Frost and drought hardy, Easy to grow. A vibrant mix of salvias, pushing above the bracken ferns. Its red flowers are typical of the Lamiaceae family, tubular, up to 5cm long and appear in dense, erect terminal racemes. • Full sun/semi shade. Our segment was filmed at Tim’s Garden Centre, Mount Annan Drive, Mount Annan, NSW, 2567. A beautiful mix of early flowering, dwarf variety of Saliva. Salvia chamaedryoides. Salvia "Anthony Parker" Advanced. 7 Great Salvia plants for your Melbourne Garden. Fertilization with a time-release plant food encourages growth and more flowering spikes. 630. This dwarf salvia has the largest flowers of any pink variety, and it reblooms steadily throughout the summer and into early fall with no deadheading required. Upon importation the Dairy Goat Society of Australia in May 2016 recognised the Nigerian Dwarf breed by providing for them a standard and a register in their Herd Book. 99; salvia embers wish 140mm $ 15. Choose a site in full sun in most soil types with good drainage. Dry tolerant once established but should be given the occasional deep watering during extended Discovered in Australia, 'Wendy's Wish' shows off bright pink-purple flowers all spring, summer, and fall. Brilliant purple, tubular flower spikes blanket this annual from early summer until the first frost. This Dutch strain is compact, with chubby spikes of bright rose-pink flowers. A somewhat smaller version of a fabulous plant2-3 tall and 3-4 wide with a compact habit velvet flower spikes of medium purple late summer till frost are long lasting on the plant also great cut fresh or dried hummer candy Full sun well drained soil drought tolerant. Height: 20-30cm. restrictions for this seed. Does not do well in areas with high humidity salvia black & bloom 150mm $ 12. An example of a true dwarf daylily is stella d’oro at eleven inches tall. Attractive bracts in a mix of blue, pink and white. Most importantly, the salvia is also a must have for any ornamental garden Australia wide. For best results mulch well,water well and liquid fertilise regularly. We have many new releases and favourite perennials plants available. 5. Wild sage (Salvia verbenaca) is regarded as a significant environmental weed in Victoria and as an environmental weed in South Australia, New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia. (1 m) high. 88Read moreJoin Waitlist. • Small shrub 30cm x 30cm. Flavour is sweet and creamy. Per Collection of 4. Pot: 0. Seedling. Add to Cart. Not fussy about soil, it flourishes in Salvia nemerosa ‘Marcus’ is a desirable blue salvia because of its diminutive size at 8 to 10 inches tall. like Purple Sage. Needs little attention. Evergreen small hardy shrub. Delv from 1st Oct 2021. A superb plant to light up a garden in Winter – when many other flowering plants are still dormant – and then carries on into the Spring. 'Scoresby Dwarf Salvia Mysty. Salvia; Other Shrubs; Others Menu Toggle. • Trim old flower heads when finished –will encourage new flowers. The Nigerian dwarf breeder said he was now trying to improve the breed’s Today online plants has over 30 species of lomandra alone, Exquisite and delicate forms such as the dwarf little con and fiber optics, to the vigorous Pennistem Moulin rouge. 00Add to cart. Salvia- Scarlet Piccolo. One of the darkest 1 Salvia clevelandii: Cleveland sage, blue sage. In trays of Yates Seed Raising Mix, covering lightly. Sale Price I Save 5%. Fantastic displays of colour for your garden, hanging baskets and pots. Skip to the end of the images gallery. Borders and pots. $6. Perovskia atriplicifolia Russian Sage, Delv from mid April 2020. Salvia. Apply Yates Thrive Soluble Plant Food fortnightly for stronger plants. Marcus Salvia (Salvia nemorosa 'Haeumanarc') is a new dwarf version of the exquisite May Night Salvia. Ornamental plant featuring tangerine red flowers late spring and summer, followed by brilliant red miniature fruit early winter. We offer several species of salvia. Edible Flowers. Strong red blooms will bring vibrant season-long color to a sun-soaked waterwise garden. USDA Zones 8–10. If you're thinking the kind you cook with, think again! These have tall flowerspikes and vibrant colours - red, yellow, pink, blue, and purple - and full-grown plants range in size from knee high to almost 2 metres. Use a premium potting mix for containers plants. Indigenous Americans used this plant in ceremonies and drank tea made from the leaves to treat congestion and colds. A beautiful small shrub growing to 1 metre (3′) with masses of bright yellow elongated flowers amongst small elegant grey-green leaves. Packet 60 seeds. 5m (8′) in width. 468. As it flowers through the warmer months it is particularly refreshing to adapt a Salvia nemerosa ‘Marcus’ is a desirable blue salvia because of its diminutive size at 8 to 10 inches tall. Salvia splendens, the scarlet sage, is a tender herbaceous perennial plant native to Brazil, growing at 2,000 to 3,000 m (6,600 to 9,800 ft) elevation where it is warm year-round and with high humidity. Evergreen, drought-tolerant Southern California native shrub with blue flowers that start in late spring. Salvia plants are available for sale online from the following nurseries. Salvia ‘May Night’ (Mainacht) is the earliest to flower here at How. These dwarf sunflowers are the result of many years of hard work from an Australian flower breeder and represent the latest innovation in sunflower breeding. Salvia microphylla hot lips plant can grow very fast and reach a height and width of up to 3 feet. Breeders are starting to produce plants that look and behave more like annuals than perennials. (Lops are born with upright ears which soften and Dwarf oleanders are available throughout Australia with the exception of Tasmania and there are limited supplies in New South Wales. The new, naturally dwarf varieties can easily be controlled for 4- to 6-inch production, and the sturdy, upright habit gives a great show of color. In South Africa it matures slightly earlier than Washington navel. 75. More compact than other red sages, Roman Red works well massed as a low, informal hedge, as a border accent, or as a container specimen. Botanical Name – Salvia spendens; Common Names – Red Salvia, Scarlet Sage. Again probably only effective in controlling small numbers and unfortunately may not make you popular with your Salvia Mysty. ‘Compacta’. Salvia splendens is a tender, clump forming, herbaceous perennial. A short Salvia May Night - deep rich dark purple-blue color, outstanding compact habit with an incredible bloom time (June to October). 06. $0. A member of the mint family, the care of salvia plants is moderate with most growing salvia varieties. 75mm Pot $ 7. It is regarded as an annual plant, but it will often survive several seasons as it is actually a frost-sensitive perennial. First introduced to Australia in the 1800s, this unusual salvia is ideal for collectors. The flowers are a deep and rich cerise pink colour. Mulch and water Description: A compact first year flowering perennial Salvia covered in bright red flowers throughout the summer. 0 item(s) - $0. Foliage is gray-green unless noted. DERYN THORPE revels in their beauty and diversity PHOTOS ALAMY, THE GARDEN COLLECTION/FP/GISELA CASPERSEN GROWING SUCCESS DELICATE FLOWERS Clockwise from left Lady’s mantle BEAN DWARF 'Gourmet Delight' 25 seeds /FRENCH BEAN / SNAP BEAN. Espaliers & Standards – Looking for a stunning feature for the garden? Look no further than a beautifully crafted espalier. Bright yellow flowers produced during the warmer months. Dwarf lilac bushes are ideal flowering plants for compact spaces. Salvias make the perfect addition to a cottage garden, where they’re coloured flower spires are appreciated by humans, birds, bees Salvia ‘Lye End’ is one of the tallest varieties growing to 120cm tall and the flowers are a ghostly lavender blue. Tag Text. 12 products per page 24 products per page 36 products per page 48 products per page All products per page. Fully Grown Height (please specify m or cm) 35cm. Shake, rattle and hose those plants to annoy your unwanted guests. Moderate frost tolerance. 'Pozo' grows to about 4 feet. 00 Out Of Stock Salvia Mystic Spires Blue is a dwarf version of the long time favorite Indigo Spires Sage. _) varieties grow as 30-foot trees or large shrubs. 5L. Hardiness zone 7b, 8a, 8b, 9a, 9b, 10a, 10b. Height: Short 12" (Plant 16" apart) Bloom Time: Early Summer to Fall Sun-Shade: Full Sun to Mostly Sunny Plant Partners: Plants which require similar growing conditions which are also complementary include: Daylilies, Salvias, Lavenders, Succulents. All plants are grown at our nursery and deliver to your door via Australia Post. Salvia is great for garden borders and garden beds. Durnford Dart, Australian leader in commercial bamboo farming, instigator and foundation member of the Bamboo Society Of Australia The term ‘Perennialle Plants Nursery’ or ‘us’ or ‘we’ refers to the owner of the website whose registered office is 29 Gaskill St, CANOWINDRA, NSW, 2804, AU. 95. . Heat-hardy plants are great for late Spring/Summer programs. Noted for the beauty of its clear blue flowers, award-winning Salvia uliginosa (Bog Sage) is a fast growing, upright perennial with willowy stems bearing small clusters of deep sky-blue flowers adorned with white throats. Click image for a larger view. Nurseries are always selecting newer, better, dwarf varieties, different colours that will suit the home gardener. Dwarf Mondo Grass, also known as Mini Mondo Grass, Miniature Mondo Grass and Dwarf Lilyturf is a species of Ophiopogon native to Japan and loved in Australia due to its Drought Resistance. Salvia ‘So Cool Pale Blue’ The result of a breeding programme by Plant Growers Australia, this plant has trialled on our nursery in Sevenoaks since 2014. 48 cm in height or less. USE IN: Cottage style gardens, mixed beds and borders, wildlife gardens, kitchen gardens. Cultural Care. This compact salvia is about 25 to 35% less vigorous than Mystic Spires, making it a better variety for mixes. Average height in a pot is 25-40cm; in a garden 30-45cm. H to 1. 00Read moreJoin Waitlist. Specialist perennial nursery supplying quality plants in 100mm pots. Variegated green and white hairy leaves. Just because a daylily has small or tiny flowers it doesn’t mean it is a dwarf daylily variety. Seed is raised from overseas growers, bringing in new species and varieties. It quickly grew to almost two feet in diameter and about 12 inches tall. Available by Salvia Waverley. Cut back hard in spring before new growth starts. Dwarf Orange - Cara Cara. Although Cara Cara has yet to be evaluated fully under Australian conditions there is considerable Browse pictures and read growth / cultivation information about Salvia Species, Caucasus Sage, Dwarf Silverleaf Sage (Salvia canescens var. Non-Member $8. We've got a gorgeous range of salvia (flowering sage) plants. Drought tolerant. Salvia Pink IciclesSalvia involucrata‘Pink Icicles’ is a tall winter flowering involucrata producing. One tried and true planting combination is a row of dwarf green mondo grass (Ophiopogon japonicus 'Nana') immediately beside the path with a taller row of variegated liriope (Liriope muscari) planted behind. A gracefully branched evergreen shrub with glossy dark green foliage and handsome cinnamon-colored bark. Good for flower beds, borders and mass planting. Deadheading Stella De Oro for more blooms. high, and 5 feet wide and has the flowers and fragrance of Musk sage but is hardy to 0 F. Add to the improved habit larger flowers, more color choices Most dwarf types are varieties of English lavender, all with wonderfully fragrant flowers. It does not like humid damp conditions so ensure there is good air circulation around. Plant in a sunny spot for best flowering and ornamental fruit yield. Good for cut flowers and dried arrangements. The next spring it was hitting about 2 feet tall and blooming like crazy. Bees and butterflies love to linger around and pollinate salvia varieties. $7. Salvia nipponica 'Fuji Snow' (Variegated Japanese Sage) An interesting plant from Japan. Its stems are square and erect. 2 mtrs x W to 1 mtrs. The comfrey is growing, but is struggling against the bracken ferns, so we’ll see how that goes. Salvia africana is a soft, greyish, hairy, much-branched shrub up to 2 m tall. Many new forms and flower colors are being added to this genus. 75L. 99; salvia heatwave glow 140mm $ 15. She also raised the excellent Achillea ‘Coronation Gold’. Smaller cultivars are very popular as bedding plants, seen in shopping 25 Apr 20, Nameer (Australia - sub-tropical climate) My French dwarf bean seedlings have light green to yellow coloured leaves, I thought they were looking anaemic, now theyve developed grey brown spots in all the leaves. Salvia Mystic Spires Blue is less likely to flop than Indigo Spires, but still does best when the blue flowered spikes are regularly trimmed off. They are known for their resilience and tolerance to heat and dwarf salvias australia Archives - Reds Landscaping. Home made or commercial organic natural sprays – Soap, botanical oils or even garlic and chilli sprays may deter Whitefly by adding (Salvia spp. These salvias grow best when pruned to within six inches of the ground after flowering. USDA Zone: 3-9. One of the darkest Bamboo Australia is a grower of Bamboo on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. This variety was discovered in Venezuela in 1976. Add to the improved habit larger flowers, more color choices Plum (Dwarf) Plum (Fan) Plum (Large) Poached Egg Plant Pomegranate Portulaca Potatoes (Early) Potatoes (Maincrop) Pumpkin Pumpkin (Round) Quinoa Radicchio Radish Raspberry Redcurrant Rhubarb Rocket Rockmelon Rose Rosemary Rye (Annual) Rye (Cereal) Sage Salpiglossis Salsify Salvia Salvia (Perennial) Scabiosa (Sweet) Scilla Scorzonera Shallots BEAN DWARF 'Gourmet Delight' 25 seeds /FRENCH BEAN / SNAP BEAN. Covered with true blue flowers all season, the dark green-leafed plants are naturally more compact, well-branched and very free-flowering. 0 star rating. Coastal Gardens, Garden Design, Horticulture, Landscaping, Landscaping Ideas. Perennial but often grown as an annual. Care. Salvia’s are from the mint family and is the biggest genus in the lamiaceae family with around 950 species. Producing a colourful display of flower spikes in burgundy, lavender, red, purple, salmon, and white on bushy plants. 99; scabiosa samantha’s The starting price for a desexed male goat, or wether, is around $400 while a doe is priced from $1000 up to $15,000. Transplant when seedlings are large enough to handle. The plant grows in a branched form with dark stems and smaller leaves that are matte green in colour. 6 kg. Excellent in the front of the border or in a container. Out of stock. This is a Californian native with grey-white leaves and lavender flowers, the latter are very attractive to bees because they provide abundant nectar. The Salvia plant is available in a huge range of colours and sizes for your garden. Dark green foliage. Salvia Mysty. Passionfruit - Panama Red Pandora Passiflora edulis. 44189. The citrus trees all suffered heavy transplant Australian natives, many bottlebrush (_Callistemon spp. It has small hairs on the surface which give a slightly rough texture. Salvias range in size from groundcovers to three to four-metre-high shrubs and can be grown in either pots or garden beds. Iberis umbellate. 95; salvia purple & bloom 200mm $ 24. Origin: WA. Credit: Vikki Salvia 'Roman Red' PP #31,931. Within the Lamiaceae, Salvia is part of the tribe Mentheae within the subfamily Nepetoideae. • Pink-mauve feather tipped flowers on long spikes. They’ve got a lot of things going for them, including their huge range of colours, long-flowering habit and drought-tolerance. Use as a small specimen tree to anchor a border, or create an informal hedge. Mulch and water Salvia officinalis 'Minimum' DWARF GARDEN SAGE : This Dwarf Garden Sage plant was planted from one of our little pots in June. Fruit is red skinned, large and sweet with a superb flavour. Climbers – Plant deliveries are to Melbourne metro area only. Growth Rate – Fast to Medium. With its compact, dense growth, it is easy to accommodate in either the ground, or used as a gorgeous "Filler" in garden containers. Features Annual Borders of colour Easy to grow Sow In trays of Yates Seed Raising Mix, covering lightly. This Salvia Collection includes medium growing and dwarf varieties of Salvia (Sage) in a stunning combination of raspberry, pink, purple and blue blooms. Australian Native Dwarf Lagerstroemia for Sale, we deliver to Sydney NSW, ACT, Brisbane QLD, Adelaide SA. Season of Bloom: Late spring to early fall Plant details. Dwarf lops are the larger of the two and may weigh as much as 2. The plant on the right is just starting to open and will be covered in hundreds of blue flowers. A dwarf form of the common Mexican Sage. Sprout & Eat. 96 Sale $36. Both varieties have a dense and soft coat and drooping ears. Seed savers needed. Near-black flower bracts hold deep purple flowers in protruding spikes above mid-green foliage. 50. Full sun to part shade. 90 Sold/Out of Season. Start seeds indoors 6 to 8 weeks before last frost date. This makes it popular at the front of the flower bed where its deep violet flowers can be appreciated throughout the season. It is a hardy plant with shiny dark green leaves that will tolerate very dry conditions, thrives in most soil types and is frost tolerant. These can be grown as a ribbon beside a path. The rich, bold hues of this flowering eye candy starts in June and keeps on coming through fall. These genetics have been chosen from bloodlines carrying superior, proven dairy attributes and production Salvia leucantha aka Mexican Bush Sage. Ideal for low maintenance gardening. apiana). Price. Back in stock: in 8-12 weeks. Ideal for narrow garden beds, fence lines, pots/containers, balcony gardening, patios or even as a screening option. Ideal for 1 litre pot production and containers. Salvia Dwarf Red. ‘Hidcote’ (sometimes sold as ‘Hidcote Blue’). Use for hedge-like borders, rockeries and balcony boxes. Champion Dwarf was selected in 1987 from a ‘Tifdwarf’ Cynodon hybrid golf green that had been planted in 1969 (Kaapro, 199) by Richard Morris Brown in Walker Country, Texas (Miller and Edenfield, 2002). 2 Reviews. Phone: (02) 4647 3788. Dec 18, 2012 - Explore Kim Pearson's board "Salvias", followed by 786 people on Pinterest. they liven up the garden during the warmer months. These new, naturally dwarf cultivars can easily grown in 4" and 6" containers, and are more sturdy and upright than the wild types which gives them a greater display of flower color. October 19, 2020. Dark centres with lemon to peach lemon petals. Salvia madrensis "Golden Fountain' DESCRIPTION: Herbaceous tall autumn-flowering perennial; warm yellow tubular flowers until first frosts. Attracts bird life, butterflies and bees to your garden. $1. Dwarf lops and Mini lops are very similar in appearance, size being the only real difference between the two. For a colorful cottage garden look, try planting this salvia next to 'Black and Blue'. All grow in Sunset climate zones 2-24 from the Western Garden Book. Legislation. It has a compact habit and makes for a wonderful cut flower. ← FREE POSTAGE. If you are searching for Buy Salvia Plants Online then you have come to the right place. May behave as a perennial in warm winter regions. Canna Lilies are warm weather lovers! While tolerant of partial shade, they thrive in the sun! Winter Hardy in warmer zones, be sure to plant once soil and nighttime temperatures are consistently warm. 5 meters in ideal conditions. Other edible and useful sages include: White sage or bee sage ( S. Of course don't forget vibrant flowering and hardy Agapanthus species. Salvia is the largest genus in the mint family, with over 900 species known worldwide. This hybrid is one of the great salvias for shade. Hardy annual plant to 25cm, scented, prefers sunny position, well drained soil and neutral pH, sow direct in autumn also spring in cool climates. It was raised by Miss Poole, who, for many years, was active in the British Hardy Plant Society. Salvia guaranitica 'Amistad' PBR. They're in potting mix, I recently sprayed them with iron chelate, they get about 5 hours good sun daily. Excellent for cut flowers and garden borders. Drought resistant/drought tolerant plant (xeric). 'Pozo Blue' tolerates and even thrives in sand or clay, coastal, mountain or desert gardens. Flower Color is Multicolor, Purple/Lavender and blooms in Fall, Summer. Findings reported by Roche (2013), showed that Champion Dwarf in Australia does produce seedhead/inflorescence. Salvia farinacea. Similar Species Hosing off and/or constant disturbance for 3 or more days in a row. It is native from the Mediterranean to Iran, and has long been used as a medicinal herb. 75;0. Salvia is the largest genus of plants in the sage family Lamiaceae, with nearly 1000 species of shrubs, herbaceous perennials, and annuals. Dwarf Perennial Sage. This highly popular bedding plant, although suitable for all gardens, is at its best in hot conditions. SKU. Although many lilac species are large shrubs or small trees, a few cultivars only grow up to 3 ft. 4 m; Position – Full sun to a little shade. Salvia is a fabulous genus with over 900 species and numerous hybrids and cultivars. MEXICAN BLUE SAGE : One of the more petit ornamental Salvias, Mexican Blue Sage has sky blue flowers that look great blooming with Magic Carrousel Roses or Dwarf Blue Butterfly Bushes. Grow in full sun in well drained soil. The smaller Mini lop has a maximum weight of 1. Read more about Sunflower 'Patio Calypso Spray' (Helianthus annuus) Noted for the beauty of its clear blue flowers, award-winning Salvia uliginosa (Bog Sage) is a fast growing, upright perennial with willowy stems bearing small clusters of deep sky-blue flowers adorned with white throats. The tree is super dwarf reaching a maximum height of only 2m so it is perfect for pots, so it can be grown on balconies and yards. ‘Little Gem’ will reach approximately 4m (12′) in height and 2. An early flowering variety with masses of striking scarlet flower spikes. Salvia Mystic Spires Blue will grow and bloom nicely in full sun to moderate shade. . expand_more Choose: $19. Dwarf bottlebrush (_Callistemon citrinus_ "Little John") is more compact. Transplant when seedlings are … Salvia Dwarf Scarlet – Seed Read More » Nerium splendens dwarf/compact Double pink Oleander. Dwarf size daylilies grow well in large plastic pots, planting in deep pots will A spectacular source of dark, intense color and narrow, vertical form, 'East Friesland' is a wonder in the front of the border, and combines well with Shasta Daisies. 95; salvia leucantha red harry 150mm $ 11. Blooming from late spring through fall in warm climates, a bit later in areas with colder winters, Bog Sage forms an airy thicket of tall, slender stems and slightly sticky On Feb 20, 2011, annlof from Camarillo, CA wrote: This is an attractive, xeric shrub which is very popular in Southern California. Meadow Sage responds well to shearing after blooming to prompt fresh foliage and blooms. Available by How. Requires moist, but well drained location. Named the ‘Friendship Salvia’ (amistad means ‘friendship’ in Spanish) by its discoverer, Professor Rolando Uria of Argentina, this salvia stands out from the pack with its neat Other edible and useful sages include: White sage or bee sage ( S. 5 kg. In 2006, Ball FloraPlant introduced Mystic Spires, the first dwarf or compact Salvia Indigo Spires, and for 12 years it has remained one of the must-have plants in the garden, blooming all summer. There are no shipping. Masses of white flowers yield bright, edible strawberry-like fruits. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. Interestingly, Australia has no native Salvia species. PLANTING: Plant in sun to semi-shade position in the garden, in rich well-drained soil. Transplant when seedlings are … Salvia Dwarf Scarlet – Seed Read More » The plant can be used as either garden beds or borders as well as vegetable gardens. The plants can be either ornamental, or some varieties like salvia officinalis & salvia rosmarinus (commonly called sage and rosemary) are actually an Salvia splendens This was the first salvia I was ever aware of: the local council used it to spell out the name of the municipality in front of the council chambers. It has textured mid green coloured leaves, which are an elongated heart shape with a more rounded tip. The flowers attract butterflies, and are superb for cutting. 99; salvia so cool purple 150mm $ 15. The real news in Salvia greggii is habit. The citrus trees all suffered heavy transplant 2. There's another interesting salvia group that hails from the cool, mountainous areas of Central and South America. Likes a sunny position. ) deep. Space plants 15 inches apart in the garden, and divide every 3 to 4 years. * Salvia Divinorum is 100% legal in all countries except Australia. Description: Dwarf variety of the evergreen magnolia (Magnolia grandiflora), but only a quarter of its size. Member $6. Our ABN is 69835295738. Salvia guaranitica 'Costa Rican Blue' is a big salvia, which flowers nearly all year and has bright blue We've got a gorgeous range of salvia (flowering sage) plants. Grows in Sun to Part Sun. Garden Care for your Salvia. Heat tolerant. Attracts bees and butterflies. Easy to grow. Salvia elegans (above). $14. Salvia ‘So Cool Pale Blue’ has a mesmerising blue colour that is unique among the Mexican shrubby varieties. 5m. From our dwarf coconut nursery we collect and germinate dwarf coconut seed year round and endeavor to keep our complete range available. We believe in making good relation with our clients. Requirements with watering, as with growing, varies among the different salvias, but most prefer to dry out between waterings to a ½ inch (1 cm. Separate the seedlings carefully,plant out and water well. Remove faded blooms to encourage repeat flowering. 99; salvia hot lips 140mm $ 11. They perform best in full sun and are real heat lovers. Salvia Bulk Mixed pack of 100 named of choice or random. 'Scoresby Dwarf' is ideal for both fresh eating (salads, sandwiches) and preserving. The dwarf oleander ‘Apricot Form’ starts from $8 for a 15cm (6″) pot. Fully Grown Width (please specify m or cm) 30cm. 2 – 1. Twelve species are from the Americas, while the other two species are African. • Grows in all soils esp coastal. • Flowers Spring/Summer/Autumn. They grow at tropical latitudes, but in areas of high altitudes of up to 2000m. To make sure that the Stella de Oro daylilies will bloom continuously, you should see to it that you take care of the blossoms and buds properly by dead heading the spent flowers regularly and cutting the old flower stems off down at the base of the plant this will prevent Stella De Oro from forming seed pods and the energy will go back into the plant Pomegranate dwarf. Heavy cropping and self pollinating. Light purple flowers. Salvia nemorosa ‘New Dimension Rose’. The wild form, rarely seen in cultivation, reaches 1. Upright bushy plants with green lance shaped leaves producing tall upright lavender blue flower spikes. $495. The content of the pages of this website is for your general information and use only. It grows to a height of 50cms. Thrives in well-drained soil. Protect from hot winds. Salvia are excellent, easy-to-grow perennials for a summer show of intense color. Tecoma / Tecomaria Yellow Trumpetbush: A genus of 14 species of shrubs or small trees in the trumpet vine family. Salvia discolour has dark navy blue, almost black flowers, and beautiful silver foliage. Very compact growth to 1 1/2 feet tall. Salvia is the largest genus of the mint family with over 900 species. Height – Will reach 1. The term ‘you’ refers to the user or viewer of our website. We are based in Tropical North Queensland, Australia Coconut seed germination nursery Buy TOMATO - Scorseby Dwarf/ KY1 seeds online with the best price in Australia. Cut back after first bloom for fresh appearance. Long flowering. Salvia Collection. And don’t use chemical sprays that will also kill these good insects. Seedlings are found in gardens that are worth considering – only when they are sufficiently different from existing Salvias. It was discovered in the 1980s by Ken Dunstan of New South Wales, Australia, and was named the 1986 Shrub of the Year in Australia. The salvias have pushed through and are flowering profusely. Firm down and keep moist. Nigerian Dwarf Goats to Australia, 100% Pure Blood (purely imported bloodlines) Tall Canna Lily Bulbs - AustraliaOne of the impressive and eye catching extra tall Canna Lily varieties, Australia is a tropical beauty with dark foliage and bold vermillion blooms. ‘Rose Marvel’ only grows 10-12” tall so it’s ideal for garden borders or cottage gardens where it attracts butterflies, hummingbirds and bees. An excellent selection that is vigorous and more tropical than the black. 70. The term ‘Perennialle Plants Nursery’ or ‘us’ or ‘we’ refers to the owner of the website whose registered office is 29 Gaskill St, CANOWINDRA, NSW, 2804, AU. 5 metres although dwarf cultivars will at around 30cm; Spread – To around . Leaves and flowers poisonous to eat but not to touch. Blooming from late spring through fall in warm climates, a bit later in areas with colder winters, Bog Sage forms an airy thicket of tall, slender stems and slightly sticky Salvia Pozo Blue, ' Salvia clevelandii X leucophylla 'Pozo Blue' is a hybrid between Purple Sage and Cleveland Sage. TOMATO Scoresby Dwarf KY1 - 15+ Heirloom Seeds TOMATO 'Scoresby Dwarf' (also known as 'KY1') is an older cultivar that's remained a favorite over many years on account of its heavy cropping and small growth habit. A striking combination, the silver-grey leaf and flower calyx provides the perfect foil for these amazing near-black velvet flowers which are a talking point in any garden. The plants can be either ornamental, or some varieties like salvia officinalis & salvia rosmarinus (commonly called sage and rosemary) are actually an Origin: WA. Not only do the flowers attract butterflies, the plants are also very deer resistant. Clusters of magnificent double rose-pink flowers from spring into autumn. They are a wonderful addition to any garden, with their aromatic foliage and boldly coloured flowers and bracts. The flowers attract insects all through the summer and autumn. daghestanica) supplied by member gardeners in the PlantFi Salvia nemerosa ‘Marcus’ is a desirable blue salvia because of its diminutive size at 8 to 10 inches tall. * Salvia Divinorum contains no nicotine, is not addictive non-habit forming.

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